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A licensed credit counsellor can work with you to create a plan to pay off your debt with interest rates as low as 0%

Eliminate your debt 
with a Debt Management Program 

A debt management program is a regulated debt repayment plan that can see your debt consolidated with interest rates as low as 0%

For many Canadians debt is an every day struggle with no end in sight but it doesn't have to be that way. A debt management program can put a plan in place that will see you repay your debt in less time and for less money.

Why Debt Managers? Well, Debt Managers is Canada's longest standing private credit counselling firm and we've been helping Canadians repay their debt for over 25 years.

One of our licensed counsellors can put a plan in place and present it to your creditors. Once approved (99% are) the program is managed by us freeing you up to live your life. 

Credit counselling

Serving Canadians Since 1995

Licensed Credit & Debt Counsellors

Are you struggling to make your minimum monthly payments? Are debt problems affecting your sleep, health, or relationships? We can help put an end to your stress with our proven debt management program.

Start With Trust!

Debt Managers is a Licensed Credit Counselling firm with Consumer Protection, Service Alberta and registered with the Better Business Bureau holding their top A+ rating. 

Canada's Leading Independant Credit Counselling Firm

At Debt Managers we know that no two situations are a like and we will put a plan in place that works for your situation. We can work with you to;

- Create a monthly budget to help manage all of your expenses
- Help you get your finances back on track
- Consolidate your debt with one easy monthly payment
- Stop collection calls
- And most importantly, be there every step of the way so you can pay off your debt 

Everyday thousands of Canadians ask for help from debt professionals. You're not alone!

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"With your help, I feel like a ten-thousand pound weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Your help, support, ongoing encouragement, and concern were pertinent in my being able to deal with this situation. So THANK YOU again!! You saved my life, and I will forever be grateful for that."

Edmonton Alberta

"Gregory Martin was kind, understanding knowledgeable and by the way he treated us I knew he had a passion for his job and for helping people. I have taken so many deep breaths thinking wow the weight of the world is off our shoulders."

Victoria B.C.

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